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Siwon at the Chanel Cruise collection showcase in Singapore

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As much as I adore Siwon….seeing ppl put him on these “most fashionable” or “best airport fashion” lists makes me doubt the integrity of the list.

He tends to dress like an old man or a bum when left to dress himself….and let’s not forget the questionable choices in footwear XD




(You, however, forgot to include that horrible excuse for footwear aka the “gladiator” sandals or whatever name you give that monstrosity… that was the epitome of Siwon’s questionable ability to dress himself.)

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Er Cap’n, you forgot to wear your saving-the-world shoes.
these pretty ones, simply will not work.

20130130 Siwon @ Twosome Coffee
So the artwork/graffiti art at Twosome was painted by Siwon :D
CR: ProudOfSiwon崔始源

Where/when did he find the time to do the artwork?!!!!!