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Helios trailer #2


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The Hobbit: Modern AU

↳ Following the death of his grandfather, Thorin Oakenshield is set to take over as head of the company, or so he thought. Smaug, a multi-millionaire from the north, has brought the company to ruin in his abscence, and taken its riches. With the help of his companions, he sets off to take back the company, but Smaug is not the only one standing in his way.

As someone who has a business degree and is also an artist, I can say without a doubt that this is one of the most creative and well made AU! graphic arts representation of The Hobbit in here. It is utter perfection!

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siwon in the back ahahahahaha what a neck :)))

It’s called a body roll and not a neck thrust.


siwon in the back ahahahahaha what a neck :)))


It’s called a body roll and not a neck thrust.

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siwon telling it like it is~

Baby, this is so you. In real life.


Need to get my breath back.

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hi! i was wondering what are the fonts you used on that last song gifset? :)
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choi siwon

Hi cutie <3 Haven’t seen you in a while.

*blows kisses*

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Ward’s aversion to touch is incredibly noteworthy, now that we know what we know about him. 

The first time Fitz claps him on the back, he actually flinches. He doesn’t just look annoyed, his shoulders tense up as well in discomfort. At the time, this seemed like another indicator of his prickly personality and lack of people skills. But now, we know that his reaction stems from a history of abuse. Even though he was a Hydra sleeper from day one, that reaction, that physical, instinctual reaction was real. He never would’ve expected Fitz to clap him on the back like that, so he didn’t have time to act in line with his cover - macho man, Agent Grant Ward. His instincts took over in that moment and he reacted to physical contact the only way his body knew how, with fear. He was trying to curl in on himself, to protect himself, because in his experience, physical contact has always been accompanied by pain and abuse. 

The next couple of times that Fitz pats him on the back, he’s better prepared. He doesn’t let his body show his discomfort this time, he just looks really annoyed. Really annoyed, like, more annoyed than would seem reasonable. And let’s think about why. The act of patting someone on the back is usually done by someone older to someone younger, as in, good job, I’m proud of you, way to go, etc. Like a father to son, or an older brother to a younger one. I’m betting either Ward’s father or older brother used to do that to him. I’m betting they used to do that to him after they made him hurt his younger brother as a way of inundating him into the cycle of abuse. You’re one of us now. They would have used that pat on the back to make him feel like he belonged, and Ward would have desperately wanted that feeling of belonging. 

But the act of slapping someone on the back, specifically when used by men, is also typically an expression of toughening up. Buckle up, man up, be strong. Ward’s father/brother is not only saying you’re one of us, but also you have to be strong to be one of us. And in their eyes, the only way to be strong is to make someone else weak. They taught Ward to be disdainful of weakness, they taught him to look down on weakness. They taught him that those who are weak get hurt by those who are strong. So even though Ward would have hated hurting his younger brother, he would have been terrified to speak up for fear of being seen as weak himself and receiving even more of that abuse. 

Let’s discuss the significance of Fitz being the one who keeps slapping him on the back. Fitz, who is younger and smaller and less experienced and physically weaker than Ward. When Fitz looks at Ward, he sees someone who is strong in all the ways he isn’t. I don’t think Fitz necessarily wants to be Ward, but he still sees him as that stereotypical strong male figure to look up. But when Ward looks at Fitz, he is reminded of his own weaknesses that no one else can see. When Fitz slaps him on the shoulder, he hates it because he imagines his younger brother doing that to him and he doesn’t feel proud or strong, he feels shame and helplessness. That’s why it bothers him so much that FItz specifically is slapping him on the back. Because he could imagine his younger brother doing that. We don’t know what Ward’s relationship is like with his younger brother, but it doesn’t seem like he keeps in contact with him either. Maybe his younger brother hates Ward just like Ward hates their older brother. His annoyance at Fitz is also hatred at himself that he will never have that sort of relationship with his actual younger brother. 

Now let’s look at how he reacts to Garrett manhandling him. In the context of this scene, Garrett told him to lighten up (so condescending) and tried to shake him into showing a little positivity. Ward’s reaction is literally all of us when someone is trying to coax us into showing enthusiasm when we aren’t really feeling it - that annoyed exasperation. He just stands there and takes it, lets him do whatever he wants to him. This scene sums up his entire relationship with Garrett - Ward passively letting Garrett do whatever he wants. Ward is actually taller than Garrett as well, but again, a physically smaller man is pushing him around and he is just standing there limply.

We have to talk about agency when we talk about Ward and it’s pretty clear here that he has next to none. His abusive childhood has made him a passive participant in his own life and that’s evidenced here when Garrett pushes him around and when Fitz pats him on the back. It would be so easy for him to just tell Fitz to stop slapping him on the back, but he never does. He can’t even say no to something that simple. He can’t even stand up for himself for something that simple. This is how deeply abused and traumatized he is.

This is not a villain. This is not an evil man. This is a person who has so little self-worth that he silently accepts anything that people do to him, not matter how much he dislikes it. This is a man who has been taught that his life is worth nothing. This is a man who deserves the chance to learn that he is worth something. 

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I ship Skyeward, but I also ship Ward spending the rest of the series trying to woo Skye while Skye acts all disgusted.